Booth A

30 11 2007

Who can pull off being cool and smug at one moment?

And transform themselves into suck cock buddies at the next moment?

They sweated, they bled, they ate, they slept, together in a short span of 3 days. Who would have thought that 15 (+2) individuals could bond into 1 group of unstoppable “farce” that required words of caution from the “leaders” whenever they cracked upon the slightest crazy antics thrown across each other?

They entered into working arena with 1 agenda in mind – to make $450. And they came out with $480 instead.

They accompanied their friends to curb any boredom that might be associated with the task at hand. And they came out with 17 – x (where x = them + their own friends) new friends.

They might have suffered as an individual when they first arrived. But they came out as a sole victor each when they left as a group.

Not in any order of popularity or what-so-ever –

·         The Boyfriend

·         The Girlfriend

·         The Boyfriend’s Sister

·         The Smoker / Gay lover / The one who extends his arms to spread his love to the Coral triplets

·         The Monkey / Gay lover / Gay triplet

·         The Sleeper / Burden / Stoner

·         The Sleeper’s Brother / Gay triplet

·         The Rabbit-Cow ‘aka’

·         The $10 Destroyer /Xiao Mei / Coral triplet

·         The one that left us for Malaysia on Day 2 / Coral triplet

·         The one that got confined into SR room on Day 2 / Coral triplet

·         The Photographer

·         The Mumbo Queen

·         The Gay triplet whose $10 got destroyed by the $10 Destroyer / Paris lover

·         The Quiet one / Low Profiler

·         The one with the Helmet

·         The one from Booth D

 They (+2) are the members of Booth A.



one litre of tears

20 11 2007

everyone have one litre of tears.

when you are with yr family but your wife is not the one you love most

what are you thinking? will you regret?

when you are back to the place which you had first kiss and hug with your ex

what are you thinking? will you laugh or cry?

when you are reading dairy which is about yr first love or the one can get married

what are you thinking? will you still keep them?

My little new Hope

20 11 2007

Happened to chance upon this blog while taking a short break from work. Here are some extracts –

We knew each other since our poly days… ROM in year 2000, studied in Perth from 2001 – 2003, travelled a lot and held our traditional wedding on 11th June 2006.Everything was like fairytale. He treated me very well all these years. I gave him all my trust, love and support. We were the perfect couple that many others envy. We renovated our house, held our wedding dinner, brought a car, have great jobs and looking forward to the birth of our little new hope to complete our life…

She was his colleague..they went training in Geneva together.. She’s staying in Tampines as well… She ROM recently… things just gets clearer from then on… bits and pieces just started to fall into place… My Bao bei told me he got to work late and i have to take mrt back and not to wait for him.. he never let me travel alone when he’s ard.. he doesn’t even bother to ask where am i..if i have reached home safely or did anyone offer me a seat etc… so that he can go out with this woman after work and send her home instead.. and visit her again on his daily night exercise… He can go out with me and suddenly told me he wanted to be alone.. ask me to wait for him to come home… so that he can go to this woman at her becks and calls… he can let this woman reply to my sms when i need to respect his privacy and not access to his hp…he can told me that he’s sick of seeing my crying face and felt weak when the other woman cry in front of him…

Now i can only move on.. i have already done all i can to salvage my marriage…I’m very tire… physically, emotionally, financially and mentally… Never in my life i’ll expect these to happen to me.. to become a single mother..a divorce status and not being able to be with bao bei till old and not able to provide a happy family for my little new hope.. I know i need to be strong for my little princess for now.. So sorry that mammy caused u to suffer even before you land on earth.. Mammy will be strong for you from now on and pray that you’ll be healthy when u see this world… no matter what.. my little new hope is the innocence one.. and I’ll been seeing her soon and be able to protect her and held her tightly in my arms… She’s what i have left after all these years…”

Reading her blog set me thinking – Does love truly exists?

Here we have a man who supposedly devoted 8 years of his time and emotion to a woman whom he claimed to have ‘loved’. Only to end up getting a divorce with her (and their unborn child), to pursue another woman (who was married as well), leaving her physically, mentally and emotionally detached.

Does love succumb to external influence that easily? How is it truly possible for such a fairy tale ending to deviate into something….Extremely hurtful.

I’m sure some of us might say that there’s always 2 sides to a story, but the way I see it, I don’t think there is any at all. The only one that will benefit from this tragedy is the man, the very same guy that proclaimed his devotion to his ‘one and only love’, whilst the ones that’ll be suffering would be the author and the 3rd party’s husband.

2 bonds are lost just to create another one, was it worth it?

Even when I relate this story to myself, I just shudder at the very thought of it happening to me, that I might be like him and end up hurting the ones I love most. But I won’t, given the same ‘opportunities’ and ‘chances’, I simply won’t do it.

Because I do believe that it exists and I just want to say those 3 words to you.

I love you

Lessons learned on a busy week

19 11 2007

It’s been a real busy week for me with my hectic work schedule and there’s probably going to be more ahead this coming week (-_-||)

Having said that, as I begin to recount the events this past week, I think I’ve been through hell, heaven, hell, hell and more hell. The good thing about heaven is, well, I was enjoying my moments in bliss (=^_^=) Whereas, the good thing about hell is, the free and painful lessons that I’ve accumulated whilst enduring it.

“One can never please the whole world”

This is one lesson which I’ve been taking and retaking for the past 16 years of my life and I do hope it’ll really be more wise of me to put it to practice on a more frequent basis. I was faced in a situation whereby green light was given by me to commence a request by one of my customers, after a much serious consideration with regards to her plight. Now this request was made, carried out, and seen by another customer (whom I’ve actually rejected earlier on when the same request was made by her without a real valid reason) who was clearly and verbally unhappy about it.

To be honest, I thought I had done a great job when I was able to cater to a customer’s need. However, in doing so, I had unintentionally incurred the wrath of another (what more by a similar request) and that really felt like getting hit by a boomerang after dodging it the first time.

I guess I can bring it out of my working context and put it to good use in my life once in a while. But the thing that’s going to bug me the most is – Should I safeguard myself and refute all future requests (which most likely involves in bending the rule book) and let the genuine(s) suffer?

On a second thought, why should I?

After all, I still think that catering to a customer’s need brings out the good feeling in me >=D

Welcome to my room I

15 11 2007

As the title kindly suggests,

A picture can paint a thousand words.


How about 5 pictures instead?


Taking a break from my job today. Lets see how much can be done in 2 hours. And if you’re reading this, please don’t make an attempt on my life since I’m already repenting for it (>.<)

Alive and Moving on

12 11 2007

I’m probably blogging at one of the lowest point of my time and to be honest, I’m feeling pretty down at this very moment. However, there is this saying by 1 of the lecturers in 1 of the many university modules that I’ve gate crashed into that I’ll probably never forget –

“In the end, life must still go on”

To those that are on the receiving end of these words, the pain surely must have been excruciating, especially if they are dealing with a situation that matters to them most. But then again, life must still go on, since the world doesn’t just revolve around you (unless you’re God if you have a religion).

I’m sure the wounds might not heal completely but time won’t cease to stop even if it were to leave a scar. What remains are the memories that you desperately seek to forget / reminisce, but that is probably all that you can do, and carry on with your life.

Adding on to that, another phrase that I’ll so often use when my friends ask about my well-being would have to be –

“I’m still alive”

Seriously speaking, what good are you to others or for that matter, the world if you’re dead / no longer living amongst the living? I do believe that all of us have our roles to play on earth and that’s probably why the world is still evolving today right up till Armageddon (if you believe in it) and the only thing that prevents us from taking on these roles would probably be death (well, some people calls it eternal life inside).

Regardless of the depressing situations that one may face in their lives, I certainly think that it sure beats death, hands down. You can rectify situations, but you can’t rectify death. You can mend relationships, but you can’t mend death. You can enjoy life, but you can’t enjoy death.

I’m used to having issues in my life that can really put a stake through my heart but I’m definitely not use to dying, because it simply stops me from settling them and feel real good about it, heh.

So guys, what I would really like to say is that I’m still alive and in the end, life must still go on.

1st words

12 11 2007

This is my blog and I’m supposed to make a short intro about myself, I guess. Well, there isn’t much that I can think about to pen them down into words, so I rather let my entries do the talking(provided I do get it updated on a regular basis) And if  you’re looking for pictures, sad to say I’m a rather lazy guy, so you can find them here instead – (provided you guys are my friends otherwise you can try adding me instead lol)

To be honest, this isn’t my 1st blog – I had one hidden and written for my own viewing pleasure only, and its probably dead by now, kudos to anyone who even bother to search for it. Anyway, I’ve decided to start a new one and its been bothering me for quite sometime not to get it started. I do hope that by blogging about my thoughts, I would be able to reflect upon it and see how I measure up against my future self and at the same time gain insights from other readers who may or may not share the same views as mine.

Lastly, I would like to say a big thank you and welcome to anyone who is reading this and for even taking the time to do so.  Even if no one does, I’ll always be waiting at this very doorstep of my tiny little blog site 🙂