12 12 2007


1.       To defer action; delay

2.       To put off till another day or time; defer; delay

3.       To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness

4.       To postpone or delay needlessly

Technically speaking, the definitions belong to the same word. But I specifically belong to the 3rd type – Especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.

This isn’t a big word like gargantuan or multifarious, but its impact is a tad bit heavy for me nonetheless. I first came across this word when I was 8 and have since been associating myself as one who procrastinates; something that I was actually proud of when I was still a minor. Deep down in my tiny head of mine, I was beaming to myself “wow, I’m a procrastinator and that is just so cool” However, I failed to realize the implications of my insensible actions would turn me into a perpetual procrastinator, even till this very moment.

Without a doubt, this part of me have created and gotten myself into tons of messy situation, after which I would normally call it quits, coaxing myself with false encouragements and hopeful nothings that I shan’t fall into a deception of procrastination ever again. Turns out that I was wrong about myself time and again, and the same cycle of disappointment would continue to take its toll on me.

Prayers to God don’t really seem to work as I probably have an issue with him as well. I do believe in mind over matter; if you can conceive it, you most certainly can achieve it. But base on that sentence I just made, I must have a feeble mind then. My guess is, I lack a motivating factor to do so – To get out of the slums and live a more meaningful life. But then again, just what exactly is a meaningful life?

Lead a religious life? Become wealthy? Having a love one? Being filial to your parents? Attaining nirvana? Immersing in one’s passion?

I just don’t know.

However, I do know with every act of procrastination in hand, I lose time.

Tons of valuable time, that I probably can’t afford to waste at all.

I guess that ought to keep me away from that dreaded 13 letter ‘P’ word, indefinitely.


*Beings to whisper a prayer for strength of determination once again*


Project Wishing Sphere

10 12 2007

“Each wishing sphere represents a hope,
a belief that the New Year will bring new possibilities
and the promise of a brighter tomorrow

Pen your wish for the New Year on the wishing sphere and
we will mark your wish by floating it onto the waters of Marina Bay,
the bay of hope and light.” 



As all of you can see from the above website, 5500 wishing spheres of 3 various sizes containing the well wishes of the public would be disperse out into Marina Bay on New Year’s Eve.

And I, happen to have the unholy task of manning one such station at GV Marina, so guys, do drop by and pen your wishes if you’re around the vicinity. And for the readers who wish to do so at the expense of my convenience, just drop those little wishes of yours into my blog comments and I’ll “upload” them onto the spheres.

Since they’re your well wishes, don’t worry about it being common, repetitive etc. They are after all, your well wishes. Just make sure you’ve got them down on those sphere(s), that’s what matters the most. Oh, and by the way, I’ll be posting pictures of the them on the blog once the sphere(s) is/are completely filled up.

To start the ball rolling, here’s what I came up with –




So guys, what are you waiting for?

PS: If any of you do intend to head down to GV Marina, the wishing station operates on the first 3 weekends from 5-10pm on 14-15th and 21-22nd December, 2-7pm on 9th, 16th, 23rd December, the spheres are quite prominent, its almost impossible to miss them.


4 12 2007

On this very day.

Together with.

 Adam / Adrian / Alan / Alvin / Amelia / Amos / Bing Kai / Cris / Desmond / Gary / Guo An / Helmie / Hui Yan / Jack / Jared / Jian Ming / Jun Min / Katryn / Kim Leng / Li Ping / Lynnde / Magdalene / Mervin / Michelle / Min Yao / Nicholas / Raymond / Serene / Shane / Sharon / Shi Min / Shu Ming / Song Jie / Suryana / Suzanne / Sze Kit / Wee Ken / Ying Li / Yong Rui / Zhen Hao / Zhi Hai / Zhi Wei

And You.

What do all these names and you have in common?

They remembered me.

Especially you.

Thanks everybody.

Especially you.