To Yuan Jing

30 12 2008

Hi Yuan Jing, you may not know me and either do I. Well, at least we do have something in common – We’re 24 this year!! Haha!! Ok..I’m sorry for being lame there. But if you do happen to take a look at this, its written by your mum. She didn’t really go into details on what went on between you guys, but whatever that happened, happened. Throughout the time you spent isolated with them, have you pondered on what’s happened to them as well? I can’t speak for them at all because I don’t really have any say in it either. But people do change, everyone changes once in a while, if not in a blue blue moon. Hopefully you’ll have a change of heart and hear them out, if the chance arises.

I’m no angel myself, and I’m struggling for a change in attitude towards everyone as well. I just wish that we can walk towards the same path as well.

One day.

After all, we do share something in common.

The same age that is 😀


Just for you ladies

30 12 2008

As promised, and real sorry for the delays due to my little short break from life. These are just for you ladies, hope you like how it turned out –

And here’s to you as well –

Alright ladies, hope that you gals will get what you wished for and see yar all at the next project wishing sphere (if there is gonna be one).

Cheers (=^_^=)b

P.roject W.ishing S.phere 09

6 12 2008

I can’t believe that a year has gone by since the 1st coming of this project (well, technically the 3rd coming but its a 1st for moi). Without much ranting, here are the promised pictures of DAY 1 of PWS ’09.

Starting the counter for the very 1st time

The counter

Introducing the companies

Harvey Norman


Precious Thots

The Scent


The public

Things in chinese


World peace

Random selection

Yes..It can be seen 🙂

This might probably the nicest looking one

Xiang Yun and her kids

Following up – From friends by friends

Last but not least..the Quinncy

So guys, what are you waiting for? Start penning your well wishes at the nearest wishing station or log on to to pen them online. Or you could just drop your wishes in the comment box and I’ll pen them for you.

Till then.


No one’s Perfect

4 12 2008

Or should I say no one can ever lead a perfect life; throughout their entire life span.

Shit happens to everyone. Good or bad. A person may seemingly have a life that everyone desires but just exactly how many of them are willing to put in the amount of effort and endure the hardship in order to get that kind of life? They just see the brighter side of the picture that’s all.

Breakups happen. Lost of friendships happen. Accidents happen. Time passes, along with the passing of friends and love ones. Failures occur. And the list goes on.

But for everything bad shit that comes smacking right in your face when you take a corner in life, you get the occasional good shit after making another turn.

A newly requited relationship. New found friends. A blessing in disguise. Memories that can’t be easily erased in your heart and you know to cherish them. Experience. etc.

I guess what I’m trying to convey in this post would be that life is very interesting; for everyone.

You can’t predict what is to or what’s not to come. Even if you have a goal and work towards it, things change, people change, the surroundings change, along with the entire situation. You just have to make the best out of it and live an enriching life, according to your standard but of course.

Its definitely not a surprise that somewhere down the road, someone (many many someones) in this world would have come to a same conclusion as me or what I’m currently blogging about.

It’s just that I would prefer to learn the hard way and enjoy that good/lousy experience myself.

I’ve turned almost a quarter of a century prior 4 days ago and I can’t really say that I’ve seen the whole world. But I can proudly say for myself that I’m really optimistic about what’s to come for the remaining of my life.

Why? I don’t know. How? I’m not quite sure either. What the fuck? Yes sir, what the fuck I’m not kidding you or anyone for that matter. Probably God? Hhmm..Yes probably God (I really hope its him).

For those that don’t believe in him, well..How about trying to believe in yourself for starters? If you can get so far in life at this stage of your time, what is another belief that you’re able to get a life you’ve always dreamed about? Remember, whatever that does not break you, literary makes you into the achieving person you want to be.

There are no hard and fast rules in living. You just live it. Make the best out of it and you’ll eventually see what I mean. Regardless of what can happen in it, smile and take courage for the fact that there is a tomorrow waiting ahead of you, to change your life that is.

Just do it.


That sounds so NIKE.