Quote of the day

24 02 2009

“I understand what is love, yet i cannot explain it and somehow i don’t know what it is. Somehow i feel a bit afraid when i think of love, the many possible obstacles between me and the person i love, the possabilities of inevitable pain, of failure. But when im with him all these worries go away, when im doing something i love all worries go away, everything seems to shine when i let myself off any possible fear.

So we must brake off from any fear possible, it’s trully our only obstacle. We must also understand that what must end, will end. But what will be, it will always be, not matter what. We just have to always follow our heart, and believe that that person will wait for us no matter what, if not, then it wasn’t simply meant to be. Because true love will stand on its own and nothing will be able to break it” – anonymous

I know there is something known as google but I prefer to leave it the way I stumble upon it.

I just wish to be like her, all the time.

Love is very very abstract topic to begin with and there are times when one feels that they could be in it, but do they truely know what they feel in them is what they think it is? I don’t think I’ll touching on this subject in my blog, at least not for now when I’m not in my right frame of thoughts.

I’ll just leave it to you guys to interpret the quote in your own terms.


I’ve gotten myself an iPhone!!

21 02 2009

My uncle just came back from Dubai and had gotten me an advance (or belated) birthday present – my very own iPhone 3.5G!!

Cool huh..?

On a side note: I’m wishing us a happy 2 anniversary and I pray that there’ll be more good years ahead for us dearie~

(^o) =3 *mucks*

Are you part of the 66.6%?

11 02 2009

“We have people who think that SGD$600, 000 is peanuts, spent $400,000 on a renaming exercise but ultimately keeping the same in the end and yet think that $300,000 is too much to save a baby’s life.

We are governed by people who are one of the world-highest paid ministers and yet they find that they are unable to cope with inflation and need a salary hike. Yes a million dollar salary per annum at least and they can’t cope with inflation. And yet they ask the citizen who earn an average of $40,000 per annum to cope with inflation.

We have a investment corporation that chose to invest our hard earned money into bank shares that tumbled at least 50% half a year later. We can’t seem to use the money to help the poor.

We have people governing the country who thinks that they are the only ones who are good enough to control the country.

And they think that the citizens are too expensive a workforce to employ and choose to import foreign labour that are cheaper. But we can’t choose to employ foreigners as ministers who most likely can be cheaper as well.

When we make mistakes, we are jailed, fined, caned. I might even be detained by their ISD just for starting this group or they might proceed to get me unemployed and stay unemployed in order to make me a bankrupt. But when they make a mistake, they just need to say “It’s an honest mistake, let’s move on.”

We have a world class education system with universities ranked among the top 50s in the world. And yet this system apparently is unable to train Singaporeans to understand the complex structure which our transport prices are derived from.

In fact, anything that is too complex to explain is termed as too complex for our understanding. One wonders whether it is the mental limitation of ours or the mental limitation of the person who is suppose to explain.

We have beggars among us that seem to be invisible, so invisible that someone need to ask an international magazine to show him where the beggars are.

Our world class transport system has fares that are apparently pegged to oil prices when oil prices increase but not pegged to oil prices when oil prices decrease.

What’s next?


Kudos to Simon for voicing his thoughts, and I simply couldn’t agree more to it.

And this is probably what that makes us  Singaporean.

Should I weep?

Should I embrace it?

You decide.

HOU MAI DOGS (oh my god)

6 02 2009

I was up rather early in the morning, so I made my way to the food market for a breakfast cum running errands session (getting a new pair of sandals, getting breakfast for my mum, updating my bank book etc). Anyway I was just about to head home when I suddenly remembered that I needed to update the bank book.

Upon arrival at the cash deposit telly machine (CTM) and having taken a good look at the long queue, I did not really have a  choice apart from joining in the line for a couple of tens of minutes. Well, that was when things became fuzzy to me –

As I was patiently awaiting for my turn to arrive, I begin to observe the diagonal-right side of my surroundings while my head was still preoccupied with random thoughts. An elderly man (60years old and above, well dressed like an executive heading for work) went up to the now vacated automated telly machine (ATM), which was situated at one machine away from me. It did not occur to me immediately as to how it did to him, and I could not help but notice that he was acting rather strangely; swaying his head from bottom to top and left to right – there was available cash at the dispensary slot.

Even though it had happened in mear seconds, the man hesitated for a moment before proceeding to keep the money into his breast pocket. Since he had already “withdrawn” cash from the ATM, the man obviously had no need to draw again and he simply kept his ATM card back into his wallet and left the machine, not before looking at his surroundings for a few more times. Well, that really surprised me, since I was thinking of how was he going to return the cash to the rightful owner.

And that was when the owner came into the picture – She was looking frantically at the ATM which she had left from moments earlier. To be honest, I could not be sure if she was the owner, due to the fact that I had not seen her in the queue  beforehand. I decide to give my gut feel a try and caught her attention by asking what was she looking for.

“My cash that I’ve withdrawn earlier on from that machine” *points to the particular ATM*

“That man over there has your money” *points to the elderly man*

“Who?” *starts looking around*

“There. That man in blue over there” *pointing at the elderly man again*

The lady begin to approach the elderly and asked him politely about the matter while it was my turn to update my bank book.

“He says he didn’t take it”

“It’s him, just ask him again, I’ll be there in a moment” *(-_-“)*

Shaking my head, I went over to them after getting back the bank book. The lady could not get anything out of the elderly, who kept insisting that he had not taken her money. That was when I intervened and suggest to them to check the cctv in the bank to clarify everyone’s doubt.

“Why do I need to watch the cctv when I did not take her money?”

“Excuse me, but another man told me the same thing – that you’ve taken my money” *Apparently, someone else did witness the incident as well, but he left right after telling the lady what he had seen*

“That’s the only way to clear all doubts of this lady’s missing cash, sir”

“I’m in a hurry”

“All the more we shouldn’t waste your precious time. Let’s head into the bank now, shall we sir?”

“Alright, you can see all you want”

Strangely, he started to walk in the opposite direction as us without informing anyone, and that’s when I had to chase after him while the lady went into the bank to seek assistance. Unfortunately, the security guard informed us that we had use the telephone next to the ATM to call their customer service and relate to them the issue at hand. That’s when the matter took a drastic (HOU MAI DOGS) change –

“How much did she withdraw?”

“Thirty dollars”

“Here’s thirty, take it”


“Don’t worry, just take it that I’m doing you a favour”


“Sometimes you need a good samaritan to help you people carry on with life”

“All the more we shouldn’t let you do that for the lady if you didn’t take her money sir, that’s unfair for you”

“What’s thirty dollars to me? If I can help a distress person, I’ll gladly do so”

“Alright then, please allow us to have your contact number so that we can return you the money once we’ve viewed the cctv”

“NOnonoNONOnoNOOnooOoo point doing that. See?  By giving you that thirty dollars, I’m saving EVERYONE’S TIME to view anything, RIGHT?”

I just looked at the lady for her response, it was her decision after all.

“Ok. Sure thing”

The man then walked away and  before departing with the lady, I began to narrate to her the whole incident, upon her request. She was however quite angry with the elderly for claiming to be a good samaritian as a form of coverup, heh. I just simply shrugged it of and told her at least she had gotten back her money.

Moral of the story: If you ever see free money in the ATM, leave it; it’s a freaking trap. The same need not apply if you ever see free money lying on the floor, just take it; it’s Godsent ;D

My Condolences

2 02 2009

What a small small world do we live in.

The cousin of a friend of mine has moved on.

I do not intend to sensationalize it and make a point or anything because a life is lost and 4 youths have literally thrown their lives away for their moment of folly. I just want to tell her something if she ever comes across this post –

Sometimes, things happen for a reason, be it good or bad. The ones who bear the stigma are the family members, friends and love ones of both the victim and the perpetrators. Seek comfort in the religion that you believe in and reinforce that circle of bond with your family and friends because I believe that none of them should be taken for granted and be left out in times of great sadness. Make no judgement upon the outcome and let the law decide the nature of its path, the anger that resides in you should probably be converted and be put into better use. Remember, you are not the only one that is grieving, we all are. Do not frustrate at those who don’t, for they have yet to comprehend the meaning of life at their age, after all we know that wisdom comes with it. Cry and break down if you have to, but stay strong for those that need you, especially them.

And lastly, I pray for a just verdict and a speedy recovery for your family’s current state of health.

Here’s to Marcus Siah Wui Xiang and I pray that you are well with him up above the skies.