Whatever that makes her happy

21 03 2009

…On a Saturday night.

Well, to be more precise, whatever that makes the men happy on a Saturday night. I’ve been hanging out with my guy friends (not that I have many girl friends to hang around with currently) on Saturdays for a couple of weeks for tons of chill out session doing nothing none too straining for the health (yeah right). I’m really sorry for the fact that I’m always the first to leave the crime scene (I know I’m being a party pooper) and I thank you guys for putting up with that side of me. Hence, I’ve decided to pen my thoughts, dedicated to you guys.

David Beckham / Vannes Wu / Snake

I’ve known you since primary 5 when we had to perform for our current prime minster and boy, you were one farking ugly kid with teeth more messed up than ugly betty. I’m not too sure how and why, but you started hanging out with me (literally) at my place, in my living room and practically anywhere near me during our secondary 2 school holidays. We hadn’t really contacted much during our upper secondary school years and but we clicked again when we went to different poly and even held the same holiday job (with bjon). Even though we shared different views towards the same topics, we were pretty cool with one another. Our relationship was pretty consistent even during out army days and thereafter.

However,  we did have a major conflict in the recent years and promptly excommunicated (yes, it was that bad). I guess it was due to many factors –  time, people, circumstances and the list goes on. I felt pretty bad, and that really left a mark in me. I would at times, even wake up in cold sweat after having dreams/nightmares about us. But hey, I grew up pretty quick – fast enough for me to want to do the right thing (well, I think it seems right to me) Salvaging the relationship was important to me, in case you haven’t noticed. By God’s grace, I am once again lucky enough to have you as my bud and I hope that it pretty much stays that way, no matter how fuck up we become in the future.

Tsung Sung / Cheng Teng / bjon

I think I knew you when I was in primary 5 or 6? I was a messenager for one of the teachers who had asked me to summon for you. An I met you again when we became classmates during our lower sescondary years. We broke the ice with Weijie in the hall while waiting for assembly to commence. Unlike Snake, talking cock with you at first sight was relatively easy, not to mention comfortable. Did I conveniently left out that you had a bad ass temper that everyone was terrified of? I’ll touch on that later on..Heh..

Anyway, I was pretty much of a dare devil during those days, which kinda explain why I proceed to butt fuck you in knocking down (pushup) position when you shouted “FUCK YOU” to me. Alamak Chat and MIRC was in – So was “Coolie” and “Scans” (no prizes for guessing which nick was whose)  *sends @}–}—– to snowy and cola* Giving real roses to girls was a pretty neat thing to do for a bunch of 13-14 year olds during those days huh?

Likewise, I didn’t really keep in contact with you since upper secondary days and even till now have I yet to do so. You were in my life whenever there was fun (fun = a bunch of madcap misfits during gathering sessions). But I guess no one really knew you had a temper – till you rain punches after punches on me when you thought that I was that one who broke your bed when the gang was wrestling on it. Man, everyone was too stunned to even react to that sudden burst of fire, lolx!! By the way, I didn’t forget that you threw XYZ’s school bad out of the window when he refused to end his nonsense either, damn you’re good~

Well, I must say you’re still fiery, like a chili padi. However all of that is just inside you now – laying dormant; You’ve probably found ways to convert that into something really useful in your life, good for you bro..Good for you 🙂

I probably did cross paths with you many a times in our 12-13 years of friendship, but the biggest one would probably be the one we had at Robinsons – Due to a bitch’s (she will always be The Bitch) bitching, I vented my frustration on you unnecessarily, and you went off like a time bomb, which we would have fought if it wasn’t for Snake and another one of our colleague. The strangest thing was, I apologized almost as soon as I blew up on you..And it was straight to kof session for us right after lunch *shakes head*

I sure hope that we won’t have another face off, at least not so soon eh?


My dear poly classmate whom I initially labelled as attitude problem kid, whom I ended up clicking with, after an overnight chatting over the phone session and following you from toilet after toilet just to style your hair. We shared many things in common – from being an only child to being a single parent child not to mention, one of the few peeps using MD players in the class. You picked up things real fast, from playing kof to drumming to singing Jay Chou’s songs. Apart from dota, you get bored with things easily but not everything I suppose. I really admired your steadfast views on love and relationship but I don’t think I can ever go through with what you did in your younger days. I guess, you’ve grown up since then?

No man is without flaw and neither are you but I guess yours didn’t really matter to me most of the time and truth to be told, beating you up has never once crossed my mind (you’re just being you, and I seriously have no problem with that). Perhaps deep down in my subconscious, I’ve always treated you like a younger brother? Someone that I needed to protect from time to time? I have no idea man…I seriously have no idea..

There is this one time however, I was really hurt by your words, which I thought back then was rather inconsiderate of you to do so. In the end, asking you about it from your point of view did justified your remarks but I really thought you didn’t know me well enough during that time. Well, it isn’t like you were Matt Parkman, and I’m sure you would not have said that if you knew the me at that time.

Obviously, I didn’t know you that well either, otherwise I would not have create a shit hole to bury you deeper than what you’ve already gotten into. For that, I’m deeply apologetic over it, even till this day. Well, keep searching and never stop looking, because you’ll eventually seek what you’re looking for that has eluded for sometime, my friend 🙂

I realized that even though you guys are my good friends, I’ve definitely hurt/pissed/screwed your lives up in some point of our lives and I wonder if that’s what it means to have friends; people whom you’ll still choose to get together even knowing that they have messed up your life and probably might do it again.

Anyway, thanks for making me happy, on my Saturday nights.

See you guys later.


I heart TW girls

20 03 2009

Mosaic music festival has come and will be ending pretty soon, and I’ve been really busy for this period of time. Sometimes to the brink of overworking myself even when I’m physically unwell. I guess I just want to escape from everything and anything. Did I mention that MC Hot Dog was tastily good for my ears? Probably one of the best rappers in the Asian music industry right now, in my humble opinon.

PS: I dig his goatee!!

Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY

4 03 2009

Enough Said.