Anyone say ‘Cheeze’?

23 06 2009

15 June 2009

CRIMINAL lawyer Adrian Wee, from Characterist LLC, said it is not an offence to take photographs in public areas.

‘The owner of a private property, like a shopkeeper, is entitled to set any rule he wants on people entering his shop,’ said MrWee.

‘But in a public area, there is no law against photography.’

This means that even if a person takes pictures of the merchandise which are openly displayed in a public area, it is not an offence to do so.

In fact, the shop owner has no right to chase the photographer away as long as the photographer is on public ground.

‘Technically, the shopkeeper can only prevent the photographer from entering his shop, but they cannot stop someone from photographing from outside,’ he said.

‘Someone could be standing outside their shop and take pictures all day, and that would not be an offence.’


If a photographer uses a zoom lens to shoot the interior of the shop, it is also not illegal.

The same goes for taking the pictures of the facades of buildings like the National Library Building and the Esplanade.

In fact taking pictures on private property is also not criminal in nature.

‘The person taking the pictures is only flouting the rules of the property set by the owner but this would render the person liable to be thrown out,’ he said.

But Mr Wee further elaborated, if a person has been thrown out of a private property and barred from entering, then to enter the property again would be trespassing which is a criminal offence.”

Technically speaking, that would mean I could take pictures of anyone or anything as long as I’m in a public area? Pretty scary if you were to ask me. Especially if I happened to have a rather misleading picture taken by a stomper at a weird timing, so to say the very least. But we do have the right to throw out the offender if they were in our premises, if we don’t like what they are doing?


Nah, I don’t think that will ever happen, not in a million years from where I’m coming from.



Seeman – Happy Song

11 06 2009

No prizes for guessing which one is me 🙂