Re-education 101

23 12 2009

Rearing a pet has never been easy, aquiring the knowledge to rear them is harder.

Enough said, let’s continue with the lessons shall we..?


The Journey Back Home

11 12 2009

The journey back home is one long ride.

Deep in thoughts as I pondered on.

Flashbacks of the day I see them.

As though I am reliving in it.

All over once again.

No more

Is what I wish to myself.

The vicious cycle never ends.

Who am I kidding.

No one.

But me.

My 1st Post

3 12 2009

…In months (or probably close to a year) and I’m now blogging in the hospital. Thank God for the internet and smses from my friend!!

All I can say to my readers (if I ever have any in the first place) is –

“Wish me luck!”