The Life After Death

17 01 2010

I’ve just receive news that someone I knew have passed away after battling with cancer. To be honest, I’m sad about it. One person’s journey on earth has ended and I wasn’t really sure if he had any unfulfilled aspirations.

And as I pondered about life and death on my journey back home, my mp3 player played Corriene May’s Fly Away, followed by Pet Shop Boy’s Go West. What iorny. I hope it really is peaceful over there.




1 01 2010

Time flies so fast, it has been 10 years since I graduated from secondary school. There were so many situations that I never could have imagined coming across, but I did.

Looking back at what the younger generations are currently capable of doing, I must admit that there are a lot of potential in them – to believe in their dreams and to chase them. As long as their hearts are still as pure as they once were, they can pretty much achieve it. I hope that I did not take 10 years of my life and waste it. Neither do I wish to see anyone waste theirs.

In comparison to the rest of the people I know, I’m not really that old. However, it’s a sign when I see my peers knocking out that easily during festive seasons that I’ll start to feel physically older in the few years to come. I wonder what will be my views in life then? Hopefully I’ll still be blogging so I can look myself, in a different live of light.

Here’s to everyone and anyone – Seasons greetings and a happy new year 🙂