TO: The Future Me

24 04 2011

Just like I’ve previously mentioned, I hardly blog because I really love to keep things to a minimal..It has been almost 4 years since I first blogged and as usual, I have been doing nothing but mumbling about random useless nothings and I’m still doing as I type out this post.

Anyway, I’m writing this post to myself – many years down the road, if I still remember about this blog and if wordpress still exists, I want ME to know that I had blogged this post in a cold and dark living room, on the sofa that I would be sleeping in.

How many times have I promised myself that I would work hard for the future while I squandered away my present and how many times have I disappointed my family and love one with my actions and non-actions? To be honest, I’m pretty disappointed with myself too. Why can’t I be more responsible with my life and the lives that depends on me? Should I wait for calamity to arise before I realise my stupidity; OR should I finally advert this potential tragedy whole-heartedly and willingly?

My blog posts are as always, full of questions and not many answers. I’m clueless as to whether typing them out makes any real difference in my life. But I DO hope that by the very next time I read this entry again, I would have changed for the better.


I am hopeless.




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