My thoughts…

7 05 2011

Of certain things have changed. Well, sort of actually. God has been rather kind to me with regards to my career, probably not so with the other aspects of my life, but hey, he’s been pretty nice to me already. I’ll have to work harder if I want to improve my life. So I just want to say, “Dear God, thank You for everything and forgive me for the sins that I’ve committed.”

That aside, I’m back in the army serving my national service for another week. Having encountered things that should not be seen nor heard, it made me realize that I shouldn’t take things for granted and to be more respectful of my surroundings from now on. “Dear God, please take good care of my fellow comrades as thou has towards me.”

My future – 5 years and beyond; My vote has been casted and the tribe will be spoken tomorrow. Regardless of the result, my only wish is for a better tomorrow for everyone. The decisions that I’ve taken up today will surely affect my life sooner or later, be it good or bad. “Dear God, let me receive an anointing and guide me through the good times and bad.”