Moi Truely

You shouldn’t even be here if you’ve read my 1st post, let alone clicking on about me if you do know me, heh..

Anyway, here’s something extra since you are real nice to find out more about me – Born in the year of the Rat (chinese astrological sign) and the month of Sagittarius into a rather traditional Hainanese family, I turned out to be pretty eccentric – Catching / Eating insects, climbing tress, adopting stray kittens and depositing them at my neighbour’s house which literally drove her nuts, massaging my mum’s head with sticky glue etc. Became a monk for 10 years (metaphorically) at pussy cat high. Got myself enlisted into the army for 2 years and endured all forms of unimaginable suffering as a form of enjoyment At least I’m still alive till this day to even blog about anything.

 There, that’s about it. I really shouldn’t be boring you with me.

Honestly. I shouldn’t.

Or should I?

That’s precisely why I started the blog.

 Good grief.


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