The Life After Death

17 01 2010

I’ve just receive news that someone I knew have passed away after battling with cancer. To be honest, I’m sad about it. One person’s journey on earth has ended and I wasn’t really sure if he had any unfulfilled aspirations.

And as I pondered about life and death on my journey back home, my mp3 player played Corriene May’s Fly Away, followed by Pet Shop Boy’s Go West. What iorny. I hope it really is peaceful over there.



My Condolences

2 02 2009

What a small small world do we live in.

The cousin of a friend of mine has moved on.

I do not intend to sensationalize it and make a point or anything because a life is lost and 4 youths have literally thrown their lives away for their moment of folly. I just want to tell her something if she ever comes across this post –

Sometimes, things happen for a reason, be it good or bad. The ones who bear the stigma are the family members, friends and love ones of both the victim and the perpetrators. Seek comfort in the religion that you believe in and reinforce that circle of bond with your family and friends because I believe that none of them should be taken for granted and be left out in times of great sadness. Make no judgement upon the outcome and let the law decide the nature of its path, the anger that resides in you should probably be converted and be put into better use. Remember, you are not the only one that is grieving, we all are. Do not frustrate at those who don’t, for they have yet to comprehend the meaning of life at their age, after all we know that wisdom comes with it. Cry and break down if you have to, but stay strong for those that need you, especially them.

And lastly, I pray for a just verdict and a speedy recovery for your family’s current state of health.

Here’s to Marcus Siah Wui Xiang and I pray that you are well with him up above the skies.