To Ah Mee

10 05 2009

I know I haven’t been the most fillial son on earth, and I know that I’ve always taken for granted for all the things that you’ve done for me. I know you probably won’t be able to see this post, unless  someone leaks it out to you or by some mysterious stroke of luck you chanced upon it while surfing the net.

But all I want to say to you (something that I don’t think I would be frank enough to  say to you upfront) –

Happy mother’s day, and thanks for ride.

24 and 1/2 years joyride to be more precise.


I’ve gotten myself an iPhone!!

21 02 2009

My uncle just came back from Dubai and had gotten me an advance (or belated) birthday present – my very own iPhone 3.5G!!

Cool huh..?

On a side note: I’m wishing us a happy 2 anniversary and I pray that there’ll be more good years ahead for us dearie~

(^o) =3 *mucks*

P.roject W.ishing S.phere 09

6 12 2008

I can’t believe that a year has gone by since the 1st coming of this project (well, technically the 3rd coming but its a 1st for moi). Without much ranting, here are the promised pictures of DAY 1 of PWS ’09.

Starting the counter for the very 1st time

The counter

Introducing the companies

Harvey Norman


Precious Thots

The Scent


The public

Things in chinese


World peace

Random selection

Yes..It can be seen 🙂

This might probably the nicest looking one

Xiang Yun and her kids

Following up – From friends by friends

Last but not least..the Quinncy

So guys, what are you waiting for? Start penning your well wishes at the nearest wishing station or log on to to pen them online. Or you could just drop your wishes in the comment box and I’ll pen them for you.

Till then.


The wait is over

23 09 2008

As what my friend had said 🙂

My Happy Ending

7 09 2008

A month’s worth of wage for the best damn tour of ’08, could have gotten a better seat at a lower price if I was one of the early birds though (nope, I didn’t mean those lucky bs who snapped up the $78 seats and gotten a nice position upfront with me)

To be honest, I’m not exactly a fanatic fan of hers to begin with, though I must say I was quite hooked on her 1st single and a few other titles as well. So I was wondering if this was gonna be the best damn tour for me.

Concert time was stipulated at 8pm and I didn’t even take my dinner beforehand. Thus, I took the liberty to head over to the indoor stadium earlier for a quick bite. Even as I board the cab and explained my situation to the driver, he mearly retorted that “based on my indoor exp, it would only start at 9”, which I sincerely believed at that point of time, was plain bull.

But wait, it’s true it’s true.

That damn tour did begin around that timing. There was a filler act before the main attraction took to the stage. Sadly to say, I didn’t take any pictures of them, nor did I take the initiative to know which local band was opening the show for Avril. Whoever you guys are, and if you did manage to read this post, your music rocks, even though I find that the lead singer’s vocal cords are a tad monotonous for my liking and even though the crowd was a bit “blunt” in voicing out their opinons, just keep it up man..!!

Went to the merchandise corner to take a quick peek at the stuffs they had in stored for us, gotten a t-shirt that looked good (on guys and girls at the same time) and man, the goods were way overpriced – $40/shirt $15/flags $15/comics (on HER!!wtf!!) $10/pin badges etc..


Anyway, headed back to the seats and discovered that the event hirers slipped a little nice “something” for the audience, neat.

Lanyard/Pass Holder


And then it begin – The best damn tour ’08

First of to kick start with, “Girlfriend”

And countless of hits.

That girl’s a real multi talented b incase you think the vocals department was her only forte.

She did the guitars, can’t remember which title though.

There goes the piano, “When You’re Gone”

A short mtv was displayed as though it was an intermission, for her to change into her 2nd outfit I suppose.

And the drums, “Runaway”

Seriously, I think she’s such a cock..I mean crowd tease. Well, she practically controlled the audience like she had a remote devise like Adam Sandler in Click. “Tuning” up the “volume” of the screaming voices of her fans (I’m assuming that <90% of them falls under that) for “Everything Back But You”

Her 3rd and final outfit was for the encore which she kept it short and sweet, “Sk8er Boi” .

Picture taken by tortoise18

By then my 6500 slide had already died on me, leaving me without a choice but to forgo that final outfit and just get other patrons to take just a picture of the new backdrop for the encore – a gigantic version of that tattoo of hers on the inside of her left wrist.

Well, it ain’t the best damn tour of ’08 for me.

But it certainly is the best damn tour.

Project Wishing Sphere

10 12 2007

“Each wishing sphere represents a hope,
a belief that the New Year will bring new possibilities
and the promise of a brighter tomorrow

Pen your wish for the New Year on the wishing sphere and
we will mark your wish by floating it onto the waters of Marina Bay,
the bay of hope and light.” 



As all of you can see from the above website, 5500 wishing spheres of 3 various sizes containing the well wishes of the public would be disperse out into Marina Bay on New Year’s Eve.

And I, happen to have the unholy task of manning one such station at GV Marina, so guys, do drop by and pen your wishes if you’re around the vicinity. And for the readers who wish to do so at the expense of my convenience, just drop those little wishes of yours into my blog comments and I’ll “upload” them onto the spheres.

Since they’re your well wishes, don’t worry about it being common, repetitive etc. They are after all, your well wishes. Just make sure you’ve got them down on those sphere(s), that’s what matters the most. Oh, and by the way, I’ll be posting pictures of the them on the blog once the sphere(s) is/are completely filled up.

To start the ball rolling, here’s what I came up with –




So guys, what are you waiting for?

PS: If any of you do intend to head down to GV Marina, the wishing station operates on the first 3 weekends from 5-10pm on 14-15th and 21-22nd December, 2-7pm on 9th, 16th, 23rd December, the spheres are quite prominent, its almost impossible to miss them.