Tom Ton

12 09 2008

Welcome to the house for black pigs, or should I say Berkshire. Headed down to the Central Mall for tempura only to end up giving this japanese restaurant a try.

Haven’t been to a specialty restaurant for some time and the missus gave up hunting for tempura (she hates buta by the way) and head straight into there without evening thinking..ZZzzz..


The menus was rather fancy, one (the blue coloured) being their new creations / alcoholic beverages and the usual menu on the left. Hot ocha (lightly taste) was served in a rather unique cup/glass that you would normally see in a chinese martial arts period drama/movie.


One look into the main menu and you’re being introduced to what you could be eating.


Winter menlon honey juice was erm..Not really what we had in mind, perhaps other people might enjoy it.

And the ume didn’t come along with the umeshu that we ordered, an additional sgd$3 is required if you wish to have ume in your umeshu (which didn’t make sense)


For starters, we ordered salmon sashimi and potato salad, both which tasted great in our opinon, especially the salmon.


Next up was their new dish from the little blue book – Uni chawan mushi, the serving was rather small for the price (sgd$10) but you’ll probably feel like you’re in heaven after tasting the uni. The prawn bits and mushroom bits were just as fresh.


Then came our 1st main dish – Tom Ton mix (duh, that’s probably the reason why we’re suposed to be there) An assorted flavour of different tonkatsu portions, ebi and zakana served with self-grinded sesame seeds + tonkatsu sauce and mayonnaise (for the ebi and zakana). But I must say, it is rather pricy (sgd$39.80), unless of course you don’t mind paying for quality food.

The tonkatsu was hhmm…By far the most tender pork that I’ve ever sank my mouth into before, the fatty bits tastes just as good. Thinking about it kinda makes me drool (yeah, literally). The ebi wasn’t really that good, they probably didn’t cooked it through for my liking. While the zakana was rather tasty, thumbs up for their fresh fishes.


Our final stop was the Kimchi Nabe (which we started tucking in without taking a picture beforhand), coupled with shabu glass noodle and a bowl of ultra tantalising rice.

This isn’t meant for people with weak stomach for spicy food. Its a japanese-styled korean dish – spiced based soup with layers of fresh vegetables and pork slices. In case its too hot for you to handle (which happened in my case), you can always request their friendly servers to supply you with clear water to dilute it to your liking.

We were too full to try out their desert, hopefully they’re doing it right like their kuro buta.

Well, I had an overall pleasant dining experience at Tom Ton (I can’t say the same for her coz pork isn’t really her forte) and the servers were really helpful and friendly which really is a perk, since its a first time for us there and we were rather unsure of what’s hot and what’s not. Music was a mix of english hits (think class95), so its kinda refreshing as compared to other japanese restaurants (think backdated jpop). The ambiance is suited for a couple’s liking.  Its probably a place you might want to skip if there’s a group gathering due to its rather pricy menu, unless of couse, its something you might want to try for the sake of “freshness” in gathering venues.

And lastly, their black pig rocks.

Rating: (=^o^=)bbb1/2