Life Lessons 101: Anger Management

28 09 2015

I have learned many lessons for the past 11 months. If there really is one important lesson that I would like to share with myself over this post article, it would have to be that – Managing my expectations towards people and situations.

I guess having a second career in an alternate industry gave me a deeper understanding towards what I previously thought I was an expert in. Life is like a game of poker, you win some and you lose some. However, if you work at improving your gaming skills (in addition to an element of luck on one’s side), eventually you will be a winner. I don’t expect to be on the winning side all the time, but I see the need to minimize my losses when I can predict the actual outcome.

The determining factor in my wins and loses would be the ability to control my emotions and not let it get the better out of me. As I age into my 30’s, I hope to see myself as a person who knows how to pick his battles. I wish to be wise enough, to live and fight another good fight. Ultimately, I have to differentiate between pride and principle.

And once again, I thank you all ladies and gentlemen for giving me the opportunity to take the red pill and stay in wonderland, to explore the infinite possibilities of the rabbit hole.

Amen to that.


Re-education 101

23 12 2009

Rearing a pet has never been easy, aquiring the knowledge to rear them is harder.

Enough said, let’s continue with the lessons shall we..?

Anyone say ‘Cheeze’?

23 06 2009

15 June 2009

CRIMINAL lawyer Adrian Wee, from Characterist LLC, said it is not an offence to take photographs in public areas.

‘The owner of a private property, like a shopkeeper, is entitled to set any rule he wants on people entering his shop,’ said MrWee.

‘But in a public area, there is no law against photography.’

This means that even if a person takes pictures of the merchandise which are openly displayed in a public area, it is not an offence to do so.

In fact, the shop owner has no right to chase the photographer away as long as the photographer is on public ground.

‘Technically, the shopkeeper can only prevent the photographer from entering his shop, but they cannot stop someone from photographing from outside,’ he said.

‘Someone could be standing outside their shop and take pictures all day, and that would not be an offence.’


If a photographer uses a zoom lens to shoot the interior of the shop, it is also not illegal.

The same goes for taking the pictures of the facades of buildings like the National Library Building and the Esplanade.

In fact taking pictures on private property is also not criminal in nature.

‘The person taking the pictures is only flouting the rules of the property set by the owner but this would render the person liable to be thrown out,’ he said.

But Mr Wee further elaborated, if a person has been thrown out of a private property and barred from entering, then to enter the property again would be trespassing which is a criminal offence.”

Technically speaking, that would mean I could take pictures of anyone or anything as long as I’m in a public area? Pretty scary if you were to ask me. Especially if I happened to have a rather misleading picture taken by a stomper at a weird timing, so to say the very least. But we do have the right to throw out the offender if they were in our premises, if we don’t like what they are doing?


Nah, I don’t think that will ever happen, not in a million years from where I’m coming from.


HOU MAI DOGS (oh my god)

6 02 2009

I was up rather early in the morning, so I made my way to the food market for a breakfast cum running errands session (getting a new pair of sandals, getting breakfast for my mum, updating my bank book etc). Anyway I was just about to head home when I suddenly remembered that I needed to update the bank book.

Upon arrival at the cash deposit telly machine (CTM) and having taken a good look at the long queue, I did not really have a  choice apart from joining in the line for a couple of tens of minutes. Well, that was when things became fuzzy to me –

As I was patiently awaiting for my turn to arrive, I begin to observe the diagonal-right side of my surroundings while my head was still preoccupied with random thoughts. An elderly man (60years old and above, well dressed like an executive heading for work) went up to the now vacated automated telly machine (ATM), which was situated at one machine away from me. It did not occur to me immediately as to how it did to him, and I could not help but notice that he was acting rather strangely; swaying his head from bottom to top and left to right – there was available cash at the dispensary slot.

Even though it had happened in mear seconds, the man hesitated for a moment before proceeding to keep the money into his breast pocket. Since he had already “withdrawn” cash from the ATM, the man obviously had no need to draw again and he simply kept his ATM card back into his wallet and left the machine, not before looking at his surroundings for a few more times. Well, that really surprised me, since I was thinking of how was he going to return the cash to the rightful owner.

And that was when the owner came into the picture – She was looking frantically at the ATM which she had left from moments earlier. To be honest, I could not be sure if she was the owner, due to the fact that I had not seen her in the queue  beforehand. I decide to give my gut feel a try and caught her attention by asking what was she looking for.

“My cash that I’ve withdrawn earlier on from that machine” *points to the particular ATM*

“That man over there has your money” *points to the elderly man*

“Who?” *starts looking around*

“There. That man in blue over there” *pointing at the elderly man again*

The lady begin to approach the elderly and asked him politely about the matter while it was my turn to update my bank book.

“He says he didn’t take it”

“It’s him, just ask him again, I’ll be there in a moment” *(-_-“)*

Shaking my head, I went over to them after getting back the bank book. The lady could not get anything out of the elderly, who kept insisting that he had not taken her money. That was when I intervened and suggest to them to check the cctv in the bank to clarify everyone’s doubt.

“Why do I need to watch the cctv when I did not take her money?”

“Excuse me, but another man told me the same thing – that you’ve taken my money” *Apparently, someone else did witness the incident as well, but he left right after telling the lady what he had seen*

“That’s the only way to clear all doubts of this lady’s missing cash, sir”

“I’m in a hurry”

“All the more we shouldn’t waste your precious time. Let’s head into the bank now, shall we sir?”

“Alright, you can see all you want”

Strangely, he started to walk in the opposite direction as us without informing anyone, and that’s when I had to chase after him while the lady went into the bank to seek assistance. Unfortunately, the security guard informed us that we had use the telephone next to the ATM to call their customer service and relate to them the issue at hand. That’s when the matter took a drastic (HOU MAI DOGS) change –

“How much did she withdraw?”

“Thirty dollars”

“Here’s thirty, take it”


“Don’t worry, just take it that I’m doing you a favour”


“Sometimes you need a good samaritan to help you people carry on with life”

“All the more we shouldn’t let you do that for the lady if you didn’t take her money sir, that’s unfair for you”

“What’s thirty dollars to me? If I can help a distress person, I’ll gladly do so”

“Alright then, please allow us to have your contact number so that we can return you the money once we’ve viewed the cctv”

“NOnonoNONOnoNOOnooOoo point doing that. See?  By giving you that thirty dollars, I’m saving EVERYONE’S TIME to view anything, RIGHT?”

I just looked at the lady for her response, it was her decision after all.

“Ok. Sure thing”

The man then walked away and  before departing with the lady, I began to narrate to her the whole incident, upon her request. She was however quite angry with the elderly for claiming to be a good samaritian as a form of coverup, heh. I just simply shrugged it of and told her at least she had gotten back her money.

Moral of the story: If you ever see free money in the ATM, leave it; it’s a freaking trap. The same need not apply if you ever see free money lying on the floor, just take it; it’s Godsent ;D

To Yuan Jing

30 12 2008

Hi Yuan Jing, you may not know me and either do I. Well, at least we do have something in common – We’re 24 this year!! Haha!! Ok..I’m sorry for being lame there. But if you do happen to take a look at this, its written by your mum. She didn’t really go into details on what went on between you guys, but whatever that happened, happened. Throughout the time you spent isolated with them, have you pondered on what’s happened to them as well? I can’t speak for them at all because I don’t really have any say in it either. But people do change, everyone changes once in a while, if not in a blue blue moon. Hopefully you’ll have a change of heart and hear them out, if the chance arises.

I’m no angel myself, and I’m struggling for a change in attitude towards everyone as well. I just wish that we can walk towards the same path as well.

One day.

After all, we do share something in common.

The same age that is 😀

Lessons learned on a busy week

19 11 2007

It’s been a real busy week for me with my hectic work schedule and there’s probably going to be more ahead this coming week (-_-||)

Having said that, as I begin to recount the events this past week, I think I’ve been through hell, heaven, hell, hell and more hell. The good thing about heaven is, well, I was enjoying my moments in bliss (=^_^=) Whereas, the good thing about hell is, the free and painful lessons that I’ve accumulated whilst enduring it.

“One can never please the whole world”

This is one lesson which I’ve been taking and retaking for the past 16 years of my life and I do hope it’ll really be more wise of me to put it to practice on a more frequent basis. I was faced in a situation whereby green light was given by me to commence a request by one of my customers, after a much serious consideration with regards to her plight. Now this request was made, carried out, and seen by another customer (whom I’ve actually rejected earlier on when the same request was made by her without a real valid reason) who was clearly and verbally unhappy about it.

To be honest, I thought I had done a great job when I was able to cater to a customer’s need. However, in doing so, I had unintentionally incurred the wrath of another (what more by a similar request) and that really felt like getting hit by a boomerang after dodging it the first time.

I guess I can bring it out of my working context and put it to good use in my life once in a while. But the thing that’s going to bug me the most is – Should I safeguard myself and refute all future requests (which most likely involves in bending the rule book) and let the genuine(s) suffer?

On a second thought, why should I?

After all, I still think that catering to a customer’s need brings out the good feeling in me >=D