My 1st Post

3 12 2009

…In months (or probably close to a year) and I’m now blogging in the hospital. Thank God for the internet and smses from my friend!!

All I can say to my readers (if I ever have any in the first place) is –

“Wish me luck!”



Seeman – Happy Song

11 06 2009

No prizes for guessing which one is me 🙂

To Ah Mee

10 05 2009

I know I haven’t been the most fillial son on earth, and I know that I’ve always taken for granted for all the things that you’ve done for me. I know you probably won’t be able to see this post, unless  someone leaks it out to you or by some mysterious stroke of luck you chanced upon it while surfing the net.

But all I want to say to you (something that I don’t think I would be frank enough to  say to you upfront) –

Happy mother’s day, and thanks for ride.

24 and 1/2 years joyride to be more precise.

You Suck

12 04 2009

Thank you very much for deleting all my blog pictures..What a beautiful sunday this has been for me.

You suck.

I heart TW girls

20 03 2009

Mosaic music festival has come and will be ending pretty soon, and I’ve been really busy for this period of time. Sometimes to the brink of overworking myself even when I’m physically unwell. I guess I just want to escape from everything and anything. Did I mention that MC Hot Dog was tastily good for my ears? Probably one of the best rappers in the Asian music industry right now, in my humble opinon.

PS: I dig his goatee!!

Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY

4 03 2009

Enough Said.

I’ve gotten myself an iPhone!!

21 02 2009

My uncle just came back from Dubai and had gotten me an advance (or belated) birthday present – my very own iPhone 3.5G!!

Cool huh..?

On a side note: I’m wishing us a happy 2 anniversary and I pray that there’ll be more good years ahead for us dearie~

(^o) =3 *mucks*