Life Lessons 101: Anger Management

28 09 2015

I have learned many lessons for the past 11 months. If there really is one important lesson that I would like to share with myself over this post article, it would have to be that – Managing my expectations towards people and situations.

I guess having a second career in an alternate industry gave me a deeper understanding towards what I previously thought I was an expert in. Life is like a game of poker, you win some and you lose some. However, if you work at improving your gaming skills (in addition to an element of luck on one’s side), eventually you will be a winner. I don’t expect to be on the winning side all the time, but I see the need to minimize my losses when I can predict the actual outcome.

The determining factor in my wins and loses would be the ability to control my emotions and not let it get the better out of me. As I age into my 30’s, I hope to see myself as a person who knows how to pick his battles. I wish to be wise enough, to live and fight another good fight. Ultimately, I have to differentiate between pride and principle.

And once again, I thank you all ladies and gentlemen for giving me the opportunity to take the red pill and stay in wonderland, to explore the infinite possibilities of the rabbit hole.

Amen to that.